Healthy Foods


Giving the best food to kids over the years has proven to be difficult since most parents prefer sweets and sugar food stuff for their kids. These, however, are not healthy for the kid’s growth.

Below are healthy foods for your growing kids


Cereal foods are rich in vitamins, proteins and amino acids that are essential for your children growth. Feedingfdgdftytytuydreredsfdgfgf kids with nuts in between meals is recommended since these legume nuts give variety to snacks. These include; peanuts, almonds, walnuts, cashew nuts among others. They also act as a rich source of unsaturated fatty acids that will aid in a kid’s growth, pumpkins, sunflowers and ground nuts fall under this category.


Ensuring a bowl of fresh fruits in a house is encouraged since this is an easy way to kill kids’ craving. Besides this, fruits are a source of potassium that helps in maintenance of normal heart function of a kid. In addition to this fruits are a rich source of calcium that helps with strengthening the kids’ bones. Another vital food element in fruits is vitamin C that comes in handy in their development.


Nothing can satisfy the hunger of kids than pasta. Past is a carbohydrate-rich food suitable for kids growth. Pasta can be stirred with sauce for a better flavor to make the kids enjoy the food even without knowing. You can also introduce vegetables in the pasta by chopping onions into the pasta to make it more nutritious.

Chicken slices

Fries and chicken slices make up most children recipes in restaurants. These can be prepared at home since they are a delicacy for kids. At home, however, it is advisable to make breaded chicken since it will have reduced fat and will still be full of flavor. This will act as a primary source of protein they enjoy.


Vegetables can be fun for kids although this may sound absurd. Making vegetables attractive will give kids the urge to eat them without being compelled to like it. Vegetables can also be served as smoothies. Adding vegetables to traditional foods fgfghfhfhgfhfgfhgffgghlike carrot into spaghetti makes food yummy for kids. These vegetables are a very rich source of vitamins and essential minerals that will help in the growth of kids. Broccoli, cauliflower, and carrots are among these vegetables.

Other than giving kids the above foods it is advisable to make foods fun so that the kids can enjoy the meals. This way, kids will always want to eat these healthy foods.