Best Features of the IPhone


The latest model of iPhone on the market is the iphone7 which has some improved features from the iPhone 6. The new features are compelling to the individual who is using this kind of mobile phone. The design of the iPhone is the same compared to those other models available in the market. Kindly click here on how to unlock your icloud account. The following are some of the best features of the iPhone which a potential buyer can consider when purchasing;


Retina HD display

white phone on floorThe latest model of iPhone available for purchase has got excellent retina HD display in that it has got a bright and colorful display. It uses the same color space which is used in cinema industries which are digital. This type of screen can transmit a wider color range.

HD camera with seven megapixel

The camera which is front facing boasts of seven-megapixel sensor which is a significant improvement from the previous editions of iPhones existing in the market. The previous models had a rear facing camera which was considered an excellent option for a while.

Rear facing camera

The latest model of iPhone boasts of twelve megapixel sensor with optical image stabilization. It has got a lens design which is advanced and coupled aperture which lets lighter inside. Crisper photos are taken as result with vibrant colors present in situations of low light. The quad-led true tone flash is incorporated in the rear facing camera. At the end brightly lit and sharper images are attained since the flash adjusts to the environment’s color temperature.

A10 fusion ship

The A10 fusion ship has got higher speed improvements in that it is two times faster than iphone6 and a forty percentage faster than the iphone6s. The A10 Fusion chip is robust and capable than the other models available in the market. It is considered the fastest smartphone available in the market.

Longer battery life

In most usage situations, the iphone7 delivers two hours of extra battery life. Twelve hours of LTE browsing can be achieved by this kind of iPhone on a single charge. The improved battery life is achieved without increasing its thickness.

Dual camera

black phoneA dual camera system with a twelve-megapixel sensor and lens which are wide angled and telephoto are featured. This feature allows an individual to zoom in an object while retaining its clarity. The depth of the field can be measured by the dual camera which results in excellent shots.