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Beauty Tips – Styling Tools – Which Hair Brush?

Hair Brushes

Hair is one of the most revered parts of the body. Having shiny, smooth and healthy hair shows one is taking good care of her skin and body. However, for most this is not an easy undertaking because they are unaware of the damages done to their hair when they use different hair products such as brushes. That’s why it’s important to choose the right type of hairbrush and clean it regularly to promote strong and healthy hair.

You will hear it said many times over, that when it comes to hair styling products, the choices are vast. You will also hear it said many times over that everything you choose should depend on your hair type, your preferences, and your style. When it comes to hair styling tools, it is no different. You have a wide variety of choices. It is never easy choosing which styling tools you should be using. However, with our help, we hope that you will at least understand the different tools and their various uses to help us achieve our distinct hairstyle.

Here are the best tips when choosing the best hairbrush.

Hair Brushes

As the years go by, styling tools get more and more technical. We see new inventions, new discoveries, and new ways to save us time and money to get the hairstyle we are working for.

Hair Brushes

The following are the various styling tools that both men and women use every day.

The Differences

If you thought choosing a brush was easy, you are going to be surprised. It is not as simple as picking out one brush, and that is that. No, now of hair accessories you have many different types to choose from.

Round Hair Brush

Round hair brushes are not for everyone, particularly those with curly hair. These brushes are meant to add body and curls to the normally straight hair. They are also great for speeding up the time it takes to blow dry, thanks to the clever little holes. However, be careful with these, if not used properly, trust me, they become tangled in your hair quite easily; getting them it out is the hard part.

Paddle Hair Brush

These can be large or small, depending on preference and coverage area. These typically have small to medium bristles.


These are for curly to permed hair, never try to use a regular brush on permed hair, unless you want the perm to come out and extremely uneven at that.

white Hair Brushes


Typically, men and women with fine hair can get away with using combs. Some women, even those with thick hair, will use a comb for parting in specific spots or separating layers for styling.

These tools discussed above provide you with almost unlimited styling options; you can change the look of your hair within a few hours, no problem at all. To see the best hairbrush in the marketplace, check out brushexpress.