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Important Question When Looking for a Localization Partner

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Gaining a competitive your company’s international expansion is key to growing your company. You need to know how to increase global market share, outperform your competitors and enhance client satisfaction. Making use of website localization and translation is the starting point for doing this. It can, however, be difficult to get the right localization service provider. Asking the following questions can help you identify the right localization partner.

Who Does The Translations?

translate button on keyboardAsk if the translators speak in the native language. This is the language you are targeting and where are they located. Clarify that the translators who will be working on your project are native speakers of the target language and are living in that country. This step will guarantee the content is not only translated but also localized to target country for which you are translating.

Some providers hire freelancers or employ translators. Employing translators in-house restricts you from localizing the text fully. Even accurate translations can sound confusing if it is not localized properly to the target country. Freelancers circle the globe, making it easy to recruit them for a quick job. These freelancers may however not be around for upcoming translations. The service provider needs to have a consistent workflow utilizing the same translators every time you have a project.

How is the Process Handled?

Translation and localization services are unique. Whereas it may not be a science as to which company structure will superlatively align with your goals, there are some components which an agency needs to offer. Your translation service provider needs to appoint a project manager as your go-to person for anything that relates to the project. As your translation service works, to deliver you a high-project, questions may arise.

The project manager will be the same that you will work with on an ongoing basis. Building familiarity with whoever you are working with is vital so that the service provider can learn your business. The company’s in-country translators need not only to translate your materials but edit and proofread them as well.

Do you Have References?

Ensure you ask for references when searching for a translation and localization partner. Check to see that they have case studies or testimonials on their websites. Hearing what other people say about them gives you a better sense on who you want to work with. References will help you learn the services that a company specializes in, their level of client relationship and their experience in the industry.

What Differentiates You?

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Every translation provider you contact will be slightly different from the other. This makes it vital to investigate differentiation betweencompeting brands. Identify what will help your organization achieve its objectives. Look out for multilingual desktop publishing as you want your related materials to look very close to the original format. Also, check if they use up-to-date technology tool as well as their sense of partnership.

What are Your Values?

Learning the company values by yourself will give you a better idea as to how your potential localization agency will do business with you. Find service providers who are passionate about their role to build a relationship as your company continues to grow globally. Ask to speak with team members to get a feel of their culture and who will be working on your project.

Translation service providers offer various services so when choosing one, talk to them about your need and ensure you are working with one that will customize a solution for you.