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Best HubSpot Integrations That Every Marketer Should Consider Using


Marketers are always looking for new marketing techniques to capitalize on and take their business to the next level. Organizations that want to compete reasonably well with their competitors should avoid limiting themselves to specific marketing tools.

HubSpot is one of the best marketing tools that you can use to market your products. It is regarded as one of the best, automated marketing platforms. 

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This has made it become one of the valuable tools for marketers who want to look at their data across different platforms. In addition to this, this tool is well-designed, making it easier for the user to use data from other platforms within it to trigger workflows, segment contacts, and add personalization. This write-up is going to discuss the recommended HubSpot integrations that can make your life easier as a marketer. They include;


Salesforce is one of the most popular HubSpot Integrations that is more comprehensive than the other available options. This tool has been user-friendly since it was introduced in the market. Salesforce has an Integration that allows marketers to effectively combine the power of their Salesforce CRM with HubSpot’s marketing data.
You can use this tool to close more deals and improve lead interactions. The following are some of the benefits that you can enjoy by using HubSpot Salesforce.

    • Revenue Reporting– marketers can use this tool to generate reports on their marketing performance by making use of revenue data and opportunity from Salesforce.
    • Bi-Directional Sync– Both Salesforce and HubSpot are seamlessly connected.
    • Lead Intelligence & Scoring– Your marketing or sales team can use Salesforce to set a timeline of the data collected and interactions to provide useful insights. This can, in turn, help you in making timely decisions on when to contact leads.


Drift is one of the best alternatives that you can help you in integrating live-chats onto your website. This Platform was introduced by David Cancel, who was the former HubSpot’s executive. Some of the primary benefits that you can enjoy from HubSpot-Drift Integration include;

  • Intelligent live chat– HubSpot-Drift has brought the power of AI (Artificial Intelligence) to customer success and sales. Drift makes it easy for salespeople to deliver the right messages to the right people on their team.
  • Emails-Drift makes it easy for marketers to send campaigns to their customers and capture emails. Emailing is an effective way of ensuring that your customers do not miss your next announcement.
  • Real-time live chat– This platform can help you in starting conversations with potential customers and other people who visit your website.