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Top five occasions to wear red

woman with red dress

Dressing can be a challenge to many people when they don’t know how to put on rightly regarding the situation or occasion. The color and design of cloth should match the occasion. In this article, we look at some of the occasions to wear a red dress. Wearing a red cloth can make or break your fashion state, be it a fashion red blouse, red pair of trousers, etc. Below are some of the perfect occasions to wear red.

When to wear red

Parties with dress codesroses

This is the most important occasion one should put on a red blouse since you cannot attend the party in a different color blouse. Most of the parties held a birthday party, a housewarming party, a graduation party, a new baby born party among others usually suggests a specific color of attire the invited people should come putting on.


On a good first impression date, when one is meeting his or her date for the first time for a blind date then it’s best to wear red. People have specific things they like in life, like color, everyone has a type of color they like very much than other colors when meeting one who likes red it is always reasonable to put on red for they will be so much impressed when they see you.

Religious functions

When attending to such an event one should put on a red blouse. Some of the religious functions like baptism require the participants, especially those being baptized to come dressed in a specific color of attire. It can be red, so this occasion is when one can put on a red blouse to attend the baptism exercise.

When meeting people with visual challenges

When attending a meeting or meeting children with visual difficulties at a special school, the most recommended color of attire one should put on is red. This child who is visually impaired and specifically for those who have slight visual capacity tend to see red color first than any other color, so when meeting them you should put on red to make them be able to see and identify you faster

Valentine’s day

Valentine’s Day is mostly purpred heartorted to be a day when people wear red, so this is the best time one can put on a red blouse. Valentine’s Day is when people meet their loved spouse or fiancĂ©es, and red color as known by many is the color symbolizing love so this day people put on red clothing.