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How to Choose a Weed Vape Pen

a vape pen for weed

Smoking weed or cigarettes can be very harmful to your health. When you smoke, the combustion process produces dangerous chemical compounds that can cause medical complications. This may explain why many people are switching to vaping because it is much more effective, cleaner, and safer.
Some of the devices used quite often are vape pens. They are portable, easily concealable, and can be reused. Vape pens are not only used to smoke weed but also effective for nicotine. This means that they can help you avoid the dangers associated with smoking. Not long ago, I was into joints, but now Evolve disposable pens have converted me from smoking joints to vaping weed.Choosing the right vape pen can be challenging, especially for newbies.

Here are a few tips you should consider when buying one:

Temperature Adjustment

The major reason why many people switch to vaping is to avoid inhaling carcinogens produced during the combustion process from smoking. However, studies are claiming that too much heat can produce many carcinogens, which can lead to health complications. You can buy a vape device thinking that you are avoiding the smoke problem but end up landing yourself into another problem.
For your safety, it is important to choose a vape pen that allows you to control the temperature settings. Alternatively, you can select a device with batteries of a lower voltage. If you are vaping cannabis oil, vaporizers with a voltage of 3.3 are safer.

The Cannabis Oil to Vape

the cannabis oil determine the vape penThe cannabis oil you will be vaping is equally as important as temperature control. Choosing the right oil for yourself depends on your body, the THC content, and the experience you will get from vaping it. Figuring out these factors can help you choose the appropriate vape pen. Cannabis oils are usually 95-99% THC, 95-99% CBD or a mixture of both. Once you understand what your body wants, then you can choose a vape pen good for your oil type.

The Price

Some vape pens are reusable while others are disposed of after use. Typically, disposable devices are cheaper than the reusable ones, but you get rid of them after use. In contrast, the reusable devices are expensive and require constant maintenance, something you can avoid if you opt for the disposable ones. Depending on your allocated cash and preferences, you can decide to buy reusable vape pens or disposable ones.